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More than three months after announcing additional funding for the community living sector and the release of an internal review and audit of Community Living BC, the provincial government remains unwilling to collaborate with the BC-CLAG to develop concrete solutions to address BC’s community living crisis.

As the end of 2011 draws near, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on our accomplishments over the past year:
– The crisis in BC’s community living sector has become one of the most high profile social issues in our province
– Negative publicity concerning the provincial government and CLBC’s failure to respond to the crisis has resulted in:
– the appointment of a new Minister of Social Development
– a Deputy Minister working group examining how individuals with developmental disabilities are being supported by government ministries
– changes in senior management at CLBC
– an internal audit of CLBC operations and finances
– an announcement of $8.9 million in funding to address the most urgent health and safety cases
– an interim report released by CLBC, including an admission that the Crown agency had “lost sight of its core values”
– recent reports that CLBC is responding to some of the most urgent family situations–particularly those featured in the media.

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