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Other Jurisdictions

Income Support for Persons with Disabilities (September 2011)

Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario all maintain separate income-support programs for the disabled. This paper examines the criteria applicants must meet for each program and traces variations in monthly payment levels in relation to political exigencies and inflationary pressures affecting the cost of living.  The authors crunch the numbers to reveal the amounts Alberta, BC and Ontario would have to spend to bring their existing income-support programs for the disabled up to the level of similar programs for seniors.

US Report: Still in the Shadows with their Future Uncertain (June 2011)

BC’s plight is not unique. In the US, families are experiencing massive federal threats to the funding they rely on, in spite of language about “choice,” “change,” “self-determination,” and “family resiliency.”  This report, commissioned by a family-driven national organization serving more than 1 million people and their families through more than 700 state and local chapters, paints a picture of what families and people with developmental disabilities are experiencing in spite of 50 years of advocacy.

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